7 – Heading for Noosa

Up at 5:30 even though the alarm was set for 5:45 giving me plenty of time for a leisurely morning…or so I thought. Again the luck had been good. Room mate had caught the late bus so the room was all mine to ramble around in early morning without fear of waking someone. Had my cooler so made granola and almond milk. Just getting into the shower with half an hour to spare. Heard the shuttle van pull up outside. Humph wondered what they were doing sitting out there. Put on some pants to go check just in case. The van had just left. No. Really? Was the van supposed to depart at 6 am or 6:30. Had a bad feeling about this . Remembered that I had taken a photo of the bus shuttle schedule. Had I only remembered to look at it last night to check the time…DUDE missed the bus!

On a schedule of one day hostel stays and the countdown to the flight home there was no room for error. Virtually ALL of the reservations for the next five days would need to be changed. Probably need to skip a city or place. All these thoughts ran through my mind as I quickly showered, dressed grabbed the roller and started to jog down the long road to the main road. It was 6:15 am by now. Didn’t look like the bumbler was going to get out of this one.

Rolling and jogging best I could already out of breath, herd a voice. It was Chris, the owner. He was up on his front porch with his grand child and lovely wife Lisa. He asked If I had missed the shuttle? Said I had thought thie departure time was later and that I would hitch-hike. He said Lisa would take me in their personal van. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord. Quickly loaded the bag into the van and off we went. Lisa said that I would have never made it. Agreed. As it was we only made it with a couple of minutes to spare. What nice folks. Really would have been screwed if the time table were messed up. Boarded the bus and settled in for the 9 hour bus ride through the countryside to the next port of call, Brisbane.

The town of Noosa was vaugly reminescent of many refined sea side places. Many good shops and restraunts were present and lined the main street. The destination hostel was a few blocks away. The rolling rig was helpful. Checked in and had a room to myself…initially. Went out for a bit of hiking down the hill to the beach.. Started to rain. Headed back to discover some new room mates.

My Swedish room mates

Ok..hadn’t really planned on quite so much fun..but they had. Technically no alcohol was permitted in the rooms. That was rather ignored until the very rowdie party was interupted by the security who shut the part down. We then had to head over to the hostel bar where there was a DJ and further shenagains.

The next morning up early enough to go surfing and dealt with a really powerful current and some decent waves.

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