11 – Return to Sydney

The all night bus to Sydney was fairly full but lucked out and had no one sitting next to me for the whole trip. About halfway through took a pill to help me sleep. It worked! Woke up at dawn after a pretty good nights rest. Wouldn’t call it sleep but it was rest. Bus arrived at Central Station. Pretty easy to get to the hostel from there by subway. Checked in and was pleased to see that there was no charge due to the booking of the bus trip through them. Got a lower bunk. Few rowdy roommates but no big deal. Got the pack from storage here. All good. Did the repack with room to spare in all packs.

Another side of Sydney

Sharing the room was a German girl named Melody. First time away from home. Pleasent girl. The couple of days were good to revisit some of the more familiar haunts and get some souvineers for the folks back home.

Night market

Much to like about Sydney including a night market. With a dragon festival going on.

Hope the pool is salt water…

Took a day trip using public trasportation to Bondi Beach. Quite a nice walk there which winds along the ocean.

Art along the water – Bondi Beach

Got up early and did the free walking tour of the city which took us to some memorable places. Much interesting history in the downtown area.

Art in the street
Friends from the walking tour

Met a couple of nice young ladies on the walking tour. We all got together for some libations later. A good final night in Australia

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